Rave Reviews

  • Sam and Matt

    “It’s been a transformational experience for us, both personally and in our business. It’s going to have an exponential effect not just on the amount of sales we have but on the morale for our team as well… It’s unlocking your true potential.”

  • Patrick

    “I’ve had training in sales before and have attended many different sales events, but this was something unlike any of the previous ones that I’ve attended. I’ve had breakthroughs that are completely going to change my way of teaching, my way of selling, and also my way of managing my team.”

  • quotestart-icon When I attended Blair Singer’s Master Facilitator Program, I was already an international trainer but didn’t know how to facilitate.

    The very next month after Master Facilitator I was asked to Host and Facilitate a multi-speaker event. With over 2000 people in attendance I was very uncertain on how best to approach it; but by using the skills I learned at the program I was able to fully control the room (i.e. the environment) and deliver massive value to the organizer and all the participants. The organizers have asked me back many times after. I now fully understand & appreciate the difference between Speaking, Training & Facilitating.

    Thank you for all the AWESOME lessons. quote-end-icon

    Mac Attram
    (MindSpace Business Growth)
    London, United Kingdom

  • quotestart-icon Let Blair know that I closed my deal that I sold during his 10 minute sales session while I was at his seminar. $2.475 million and I made a 73k commission all because he got me motivated to make a phone call. Tell him thanks. quote-end-icon

    David G. Mudge, CCIM, SIOR, Senior Vice President
    Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. – Riverside

  • quotestart-icon I had the opportunity to attend Blair Singer ‘s Sales & Leadership Mastery Program in 2011… the time I started my business… I learned from him…I took action to develop team code of honor….marketing and sales system…. we developed Referral System… learning how to sell on stage…. learning and practicing how to sell and close more… his formula works… I think the simplicity of his teaching and formula are the key for us to understand and be able to apply… During these 3 years…. we increase our revenue one Digit per year… moving from 4 in 2011 to 6 digits in 2014…. and we aim for 7 digits in 2015. Thank you Mr. Blair Singer for sharing your great gifts for us! quote-end-icon

    Piseth Kham

  • quotestart-icon It has been 23 days since UPDP. My life has been crazy but great. I have stuck to the 3-2 meal plan, drinking 1 gallon of water a day (still no coffee), doing Mack’s work out….down 28 pounds and 3 pant sizes.

    I have also been working with my boss on how to reorganize our team. We unfortunately had to let two people go because they were not willing to change their negative attitude and we all learned you have to rid yourself of negative people.

    I also am in the process of waiting for a loan to get approved so I can buy the same estimating software that I use at work every day. I am going to start working as a contract worker on nights and weekends estimating for other flooring companies that still do estimating by hand. I’m pretty scared yet inspired thanks to you all. quote-end-icon

    AmyLynn Johnston

  • quotestart-icon Celebrating!!!
    Thanks to Blair Singer with his 12 month coaching, Master Facilitator and Sales Explosion, it gave me momentum to receive clients quickly this year. 6 paying clients and only from a few (Facebook) posts and (Facebook) messages. Wow!

    By being more conscious of the numbers and my efforts, my turnover percentage is almost 50% which is crazy hot. One fb post, 11 responds. 5 registered. Selling doesn’t have to be hard. It was the context and rules I had created for myself to abide by. Thank you Blair for helping me see the light about selling. quote-end-icon

    Rose Leung

  • quotestart-icon Blair’s methods have really kicked me into high gear. I got what I needed to shift my environment and my behaviors. Now that I understand the power of controlling my ‘Little Voice’ I hang around positive people and do positive things in my life, like working on my business and avoiding people who say the sky is falling and we are doomed. I finally recognized my ‘Little Voice’ issue and as I got control of it I even started to work out. Now I work out 5 times a week and have lost 19 pounds! I have more confidence and techniques to develop more business. As a result, my Troy, Michigan-based business which was primarily reliant on the automotive industry, is once again flourishing even in this economy! quote-end-icon

    Liz Dzuris, Total Package Solutions

  • quotestart-icon Using Blair’s info I broke $200k in sales for the first time in my biz!! Going the extra mile and asking questions works wonders and attracts more abundance in all aspects of our lives. quote-end-icon

    David DuMolin

  • quotestart-icon I accepted a new position as a coach/trainer which required me to present on stage and conduct cold-calls to follow up on possible leads. I was terrified to present and conduct workshops. Cold-calling was just as difficult for me. Needless to say, my conversion rate was zero. But that all changed once I began listening to your ‘Little Voice’ Management CD. I re-programmed my way of thinking and began taking positive action. Today, my conversion rate is 70% with another 20% converting to strong leads. And, I not only enjoy public-speaking, I have been very successful at it. Thank you for sharing your secrets for mastering my ‘Little Voice’. quote-end-icon

    Sean Chua, Chemistry Master trainer & author