Angelic MasterClass

Spiritual Science for Spiritual Sovereignty.

Apostle Joseph shares the forgotten path of Christ’s teachings in the AMC. Taking the mystery out of mysticism, revealing all of the secrets. Reclaim spiritual sovereignty, access Angelic teachings for the gift of discernment, and become your own spiritual guide, healer, and advocate for Christ.

Resolve to Rise, Return to Wellness

Expose the missing pieces that stand in the way of your healing. Apostle Joseph uses his gift of discernment through the power of Christ and the assistance of surrounding angels to help you return to wellness.

Resolve to Rise, Mystical Journeying

The most powerful guided meditation you will ever experience.


Learning the forgotten path of Christ’s teachings with Apostle Joseph

Saturday 4-6 PST


John 10:10 reminds us Jesus came “ that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Are you missing out on the fullness of life that was promised to you?

We believe that the life God planned for you is one full of abundance in health, fortune, and spiritual fulfillment.

Belief alone in Christ, God, or the angels is not enough to powerfully transform our lives. There must also be practical application.

James 2:14-26 reminds us that faith without works is dead.

Through the Angelic MasterClass (AMC), Joseph will reawaken you to daily practices and techniques that will empower your faith to change your life. Through AMC, reconnect with your own inner Divinity and bridge the gap between you and The Holy Trinity.

Remove the built up blockages from years of self-sabotage, negative influences, and the beatdowns of life to make your life amazing again.

With the guiding hands of the angels, Joseph can help you to:

  • Realize your divine purpose
  • Learn tools for spiritual self-diagnosis and self-healing
  • Unlock your best health and relationships
  • In The AMC receive Aging Younger Level 1 FREE
  • Become a spiritual master and an Apostle for Christ


WEDNESDAYS (7PM PST) Mystical Journeying
SATURDAYS (12PM PST) Return to Wellness


Every Month on the 4th Sunday

Do you ever wonder why healing isn’t happening for you, or why your life isn’t as amazing as it should be? Together, we can find the missing pieces for you.

Our RESOLVE TO RISE Return to Wellness Groups are for people seeking to be free of the obstacles that are impeding physical and emotional well-being, and spiritual fulfillment. Joseph uses the gift of discernment to guide seekers through their obstacles with insight and understanding. As a bonus, we connect with three levels of Divine Angelic Resonance (DVR). Level 1 DVR will leave you feeling elevated and more empowered. Level 2 DVR is used for a dramatic and amazing boost to short term Law of Attraction. Level 3 DVR is a whole life reset temporarily breaking-apart karma that inhibits whole life health, wealth, and fortune.